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  1. KevinKillion
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    Leave it to Dave to come up with a memorable, sweet, yet different tack on the Steve Jobs legacy! Jobs vision did indeed drive the success of Apple and change the world, but sometimes that passion for being “insanely great” led to product decisions that outran reality. E.g., Jobs’ obsession with not putting a fan or a bigger color screen on the first Macs surrendered valuable time to the growth of the PC-compatible market.

  2. jchasin
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    What? No hypercard?

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    Wow. I had forgotten about Hypercard.

    Are you counting that as an accomplishment? Or a flop? :>)

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    An earlier version of this story incorrectly credited Jobs with introducing Apple’s 1990’s early PDA, the Newton.

    Reader Eric Schneck pointed out the error. “That is just completely wrong. The Newton was created on Scully’s watch. Jobs always hated it, and killed the project as soon as he came back to Apple.”

    Thanks, Eric. The article has been corrected.

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