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Cord Cutting: Big Deal or Big Talk?

by Joanne Zornow

TV execs are twitching as they note a growing trend among subscribers to drop television but keep high-speed Internet access for watching TV programming. Although the current number of cord cutting households is low, it does appear to be a slowly growing trend. Nearly 8% of U.S. households do not subscribe to cable, digital, satellite or fiber optic TV, but do have high-speed Internet, according to GfK MRI’s Fall 2011 Survey of the American Consumer.

Smile — You're On Disney Camera

ABC Television wants to see you smile. Really.

In his keynote address to the Advertising Research Foundation AMS 7.0 Conference in NYC, SVP Research Charles Kennedy talked about how ABC Television is using “big data,” mobile and new technology to conduct research. Kennedy says that many research studies are like a man looking for his car keys by a street light: it’s the easiest place to look. “I would argue that the best insights are out there in the dark,” he said.

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