Nielsen To Supersize Peoplemeter Panel in 2014

nielsen201206by Dave Zornow

If all goes as planned Nielsen will double the effective size of its national TV people meter panel late next year by adding only 18% more sample. “How can you effectively double a number by adding less than twenty percent,” you may ask? The recipe is to add 2200 new peoplemeter homes and just a dash of statistical modeling.

For the first time, Nielsen will include tuning from set only meters in 31 markets used to measure Spot TV as part of its NPM sample. Demographics for these homes will be imputed from demographically similar homes in the peoplemeter panel. The demographic-have-not homes will be paired to NPM demographic-haves based on their household characteristics and the program that they viewed.

The 2200 new people meter homes will be outside of thee major markets. New people meter hardware, featuring a scrollable LED message on the meter to prompt respondents, will be deployed as part of this sample expansion.

Nielsen, the dominant TV measurement company in the US and throughout much of the world, has become quite adept at fusing their data to other companies like GfK MRI. The company says this experience will help them with this modeling exercise.

Although data modeling is often used in marketing research studies, this is the first time that a syndicated media research study of this size has used modeled data in the United States.


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