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Future News: Where Have All the Networks Gone?

by Dave Zornow

Miami, Jan 29 — Among kids and teens 17 and younger, Netflix (named by 70% of respondents) and YouTube (50%) were the top two networks named by respondents to a study conducted by THE INTELLIGENCE GROUP. These results were confirmed by similar studies conducted by cable networks.

Let that sink in for a second. Where is ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox? Where did 60+ years of broadcast network branding go? Where is ESPN, TBS, Discovery, MTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, AMC, HGTV and Disney? Gone in a digital second, so it would seem. What does this finding hold for the future of media buying?

Branding Down To The Consumer's DNA

Branding Down To The Consumer’s DNA

by Dave Zornow

riCardo Crespo says too many agencies jump right to the creative without doing the initial work required to flesh out their client’s brand. If agencies would take the time to walk the walk and understand it’s not about The Campaign but about finding innovative ways to build a better relationship with the consumer, the process of making great, impactful creative would be easier.

Key To Multi-Device Engagement is...

Key To Multi-Device Engagement is…

by Dave Zornow

So many devices, so little time. Thank goodness we know how to multi-task.

“The proliferation of devices and media channels has done something much more profound than increase opportunities for brands to reach consumers,” says Mike Bloxham, vice president for National Television and Video at Frank N. Magid Associates.

Bloxham will discuss how digital technology has impacted media and marketing in his presentation at the The Media Insights & Engagement Conference in Miami on Jan 29-31.

Mirriad and Retro-Advertising Gets The Colbert Bump

Mirriad and Retro-Advertising Gets The Colbert Bump

by Dave Zornow

Stephen Colbert shined a little light on the same wunder-tech that puts virtual electronic ads behind baseball backstops.

Mirriad, an ad tech company which retroactively inserts current ads into blank spaces in old video content, was a parodied on Jan 13 segment of The Colbert Report.

It’s creepy cool.

Why Trade Pubs Suck (and some journalists, too)

Jan 16 — Jan 16 — Today’s top story in Mediapost declares a big win for Rentrak, a competitor to Nielsen’s TV ratings virtual monopoly. The Chief Research Officer of CBS Corporation Dave Poltrack, says the broadcast network and the cable CBS Sports Network have signed on as subscribers to Rentrak’s TV Essentials service.

What frequently disappoints me about writers and editors at trade pubs is that they leave obvious questions unanswered and are willing to write what sources say without context or balance.

Social Networking: A 2013 Report Card

by Dave Zornow

Once upon a time, the tools of “social networking” were a business card and a cocktail at a business mixer sponsored by an industry group or the local Chamber of Commerce. Once upon a time social networking was limited to the most outgoing movers and shakers among us, but that’s true no more: the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project says that almost 3 out of 4 Americans (73%) now use a social networking site of some kind.

If you are an adult FB user, don’t worry about your kids snickering about all of those pictures you posted from the last family vacation. In the US and across the globe, teens are deserting Facebook for other social media platforms.

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