Key To Multi-Device Engagement is…

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So many devices, so little time. Thank goodness we know how to multi-task.

“The proliferation of devices and media channels has done something much more profound than increase opportunities for brands to reach consumers,” says Mike Bloxham, vice president National Television and Video at Frank N. Magid Associates. “It’s changed – and it continues to change – the very way we define ourselves and the way we relate to everything outside of ourselves.”

Bloxham will discuss how digital technology has impacted media and marketing in his presentation at the The Media Insights & Engagement Conference in Miami on Jan 29-31. The conference is staffed by many of the people who previously managed the annual CTAM programming conference. It’s an industry meet, greet and drill down for cable, broadband, OTT (over the top technologies), satellite, and telecomm to discuss consumer media trends including binge viewing, companion devices, social TV and cord cutting.

“While Big Data is getting a lot of attention and undoubtedly holds immense potential, it still has to be good and fundamentally usable,” says Bloxham. “It also has to be used well.  The best communications – whether creating ads or TV programs – are based on a kind of alchemy.  Part science, part art and a helthy tolerance for risk.”

Bloxham says consumer context is a key marketing and communications for engagement. “Whatever the device, wherever consumers choose to engage with content, they do so in a context that is significantly of their own making,” he says. “In order to maximize the effect of our communications, we need to understand as much as possible about the contextual effect at the moment the message is received.  That’s where the insights community comes in.”

“The Five Dimensions of Consumer Context” will be presented by Mike Bloxham at 3:45p on Jan 29 as part of the three-day Media Insights & Engagement Conference at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Miami.

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