College Grads: More Than Just 'Plastics' In Their Future

College Grads: More Than Just 'Plastics' In Their Future

It’s college graduation time. Which means hugging, crying, packing, moving and worrying about what the future holds.

This year’s graduation at Ithaca College in upstate New York connected baby boomer parents with their recent graduates via the shocking realization that if Dustin Hoffman’s character in the graduate was real, he would be retiring this year. And what a working career he would have had.

No Vacation For You!

It’s Independence Day 2010 — and many of us aren’t feeling quite as independent as we did a few years ago. At least a million people without steady work will lose their unemployment benefits this week.

The pressures of meeting a mortgage, feeding a family, paying taxes and staying afloat are obvious. Valerie Menowsky says some of the other impacts and frustrations of being less than fully employed are less visible.

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