Branding Down To The Consumer's DNA

Branding Down To The Consumer’s DNA

by Dave Zornow

riCardo Crespo says too many agencies jump right to the creative without doing the initial work required to flesh out their client’s brand. If agencies would take the time to walk the walk and understand it’s not about The Campaign but about finding innovative ways to build a better relationship with the consumer, the process of making great, impactful creative would be easier.

Social Networking: A 2013 Report Card

by Dave Zornow

Once upon a time, the tools of “social networking” were a business card and a cocktail at a business mixer sponsored by an industry group or the local Chamber of Commerce. Once upon a time social networking was limited to the most outgoing movers and shakers among us, but that’s true no more: the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project says that almost 3 out of 4 Americans (73%) now use a social networking site of some kind.

If you are an adult FB user, don’t worry about your kids snickering about all of those pictures you posted from the last family vacation. In the US and across the globe, teens are deserting Facebook for other social media platforms.

Adios, Arbitron: The Death of A Media Brand

Adios, Arbitron: The Death of A Media Brand

by Dave Zornow When Arbitron’s new corporate owner decided to change the name of the radio ratings monopoly only a few weeks after the Federal Trade Commission approved its $1.3 billion purchase on Sept 30, that news didn’t bode well for the company’s 1200 employees. It didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop: on November 14, the radio… Read more →

Smile — You're On Disney Camera

ABC Television wants to see you smile. Really.

In his keynote address to the Advertising Research Foundation AMS 7.0 Conference in NYC, SVP Research Charles Kennedy talked about how ABC Television is using “big data,” mobile and new technology to conduct research. Kennedy says that many research studies are like a man looking for his car keys by a street light: it’s the easiest place to look. “I would argue that the best insights are out there in the dark,” he said.

College Grads: More Than Just 'Plastics' In Their Future

College Grads: More Than Just 'Plastics' In Their Future

It’s college graduation time. Which means hugging, crying, packing, moving and worrying about what the future holds.

This year’s graduation at Ithaca College in upstate New York connected baby boomer parents with their recent graduates via the shocking realization that if Dustin Hoffman’s character in the graduate was real, he would be retiring this year. And what a working career he would have had.

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